Sanity Technology
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Corporate Broadband
10 Mbps Ethernet to 10Gbps Fibre

Do you have a requirement for some serious connectivity?

With our vast range of technology partners, Sanity Technology can deploy high-speed solutions utilising Ethernet and fiber-optic technology that is custom designed to your corporation's requirements. Furthermore, our offerings are backed with comprehensive Service Level Agreements with substantial rebates on service level guarantees available all the way through to 99.999% where multiple physically diverse routes are implemented.

Sanity Technology can offer you all of the following:

  • Expand your office LAN with your co-located equipment in our datacenter.

  • Establish a high speed link between multiple locations.

  • Secure and dedicated Point to Point connection.

  • Absolute reliability with the flexibility of multiple path redundancy.

To find out more and check the available connectivity options in your area please complete the inquiry form to your right.