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Sanitize your
Office Environment

If you have an office in inner-Brisbane then we can bring some sanity to your onsite server room by ensuring that your valuable email, file, database, exchange and development servers are safe and sound with continuous electricity and environmental management.

Our Sanitize solution achieves this by expanding your office LAN into our datacenter facility with a high-speed link up to 2Gbps, allowing you to re-locate your server equipment into an enclosed cabinets inside our datacenter at Fortitude Valley. The expansion of your LAN into our network can also be utilized to provide ultra-high speed internet access to your office, thereby making your existing internet connection redundant. This solution is typically very cost effective, and is often comparable to what some organizations are already paying for internet access alone.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your office server closet kept at an acceptable temperature, including out of business hours when most building air-conditioning systems are off?
  • Do you have an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) system with adequate runtime if you were to lose power for several hours?
  • Have you experienced an unusually high rate of hard disk failures due to heat soak?
  • How many hours of productivity have already been lost in your organization due to preventable outages from weekend power loss or mysterious hardware failures?

The potential risk to your business could be disastrous!

Modern technology is designed to operate within specific temperature and humidity ranges, yet these conditions are often overlooked when servers are deployed within an office environment. Sometimes issues such as stable power is mitigated with a UPS, and occasionally after-hours air-conditioning is commissioned in an attempt to keep temperatures down – but ultimately these are band-aid solutions that don’t sufficiently take care of a business’s single biggest risk to productivity.

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