Network And Carrier Options

  • Serious Hosting Reliability - Serious Service Level Agreements - 99.999% Sanity Technology undertakes network resilience, fault-tolerance and redundancy to the extreme, which is why we are chosen as the provider of choice by corporations that require the utmost reliability. One of our key product offerings is a 99.999% (The five nines) Service Level Agreement (SLA) to organizations that demand serious service availability. The five nines is a mission critical service solution that we have successfully delivered on network connectivity to our clients without fault since inception.

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    How we achieve this

    The Sanity Technology network consists of three primary Points of Presences (PoPs) throughout the inner Brisbane city precinct. These locations include our own Facility at 360 St Pauls Tce, and external facilities via Pipe Networks (127 Creek St), and iSeek Communications (100 Ipswich Rd).

    As our primary focus is towards network resilience and redundancy, a fault-tolerant dark fibre loop topology was established between all three PoPs to form Sanity's Metropolitan Area Network with geographically diverse paths utilized as shown in our network map. This topology ensures that if a particular path is interrupted, such as a nasty backhoe operator accidentally digging up a fibre cable, then full capacity communications will continue to flow uninterrupted across the remaining available paths.

    In addition to fault-tolerant communications between locations, Sanity Technology's internet connectivity is also extremely robust with multiple internet transit carriers throughout multiple PoPs in combination with peering on the PipeIX network.

    Ultimately, internet connectivity is sustained not only if a fibre path is interrupted, but also if an upstream transit provider fails or in the disastrous event of an entire PoP becoming unavailable.

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    Sanity Redundant Network

    Network protection

    Would you choose a modern car that doesn't offer the protection of an air-bag safety system as a standard?

    If not, then why would you choose an internet service provider that doesn't protect its network with an Intrusion Prevention System?

    While other providers leave the entire responsibility with their clients, Sanity Technology offers constant protection of its network against the increasing threats that exist on the internet - including distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) and thousands of application vulnerabilities. This additional level of protection adds to Sanity's network resilience and availability to ensure the delivery of a complete internet solution to our clients.

    The technical detail

    To those that are interested in the technical detail, the multi-carrier approach is sustained via the use of BGP4 routing technology via ASN24473 with fully portable IP network addressing assigned by APNIC, including the IP network This means that Sanity Technology has ownership and full control over its IP network and is not reliant on any single external provider.

    Furthermore, multiple Cisco NPEG2 routers are utilized at each location performing BGP4 routing duties, in combination with Cisco gigabit switch stacks utilizing the spanning tree protocol (STP) for managing the multi-pop Metropolitan Area Network fibre loop, and Cisco intrusion prevention system (IPS) devices filtering all nasty traffic that may attempt to enter the network.

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    Cisco 7300 Router

    Carrier Options

    We believe in offering our co-location clients the freedom of choice to utilize an independant carrier if they choose to do so. Although we believe that our offering is of the most robust and reliable connectivity in the business the facility is 'carrier neutral' and all our co-location clients are welcome to install their own copper or fibre services to their equipment.

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