Sanity Technology
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Sanity Technology Pty Ltd is an Australian based company that began in 1998 providing a range of specialized internet solutions with a strong focus on redundancy and scalability.

Over the last decade we have built a strong reputation on our mission critical managed hosting services product and have reliabily delivered a 99.999% ("five nines") uptime solution to our corporate and government clients that have a critical business requirement for their internet services to be available without interruption at all times.

We are extremely focussed on providing a superior level of of service to our customers with a high-performance network backed by world-class datacenter facilities including our own purpose built data centre facility in Brisbane. These facilities provide vital services such as backup deisel generators and multiple backbone internet providers to ensure constant network connectivity and reliability at all times. Inside the data centres we provide facility housing services to a range of corporations from local businesses through to international resource mining corporations.

Discover the Sanity Technology difference and see how a reliable and faultless internet solution from us can help you to grow your business today.

Sanity Technology offers a wide range of technology solutions beyond that of our key product offerings. If you have a complex project with multiple requirements please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll happily work with you to determine the best solution with our range of established wholesale carrier relationships.