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  • Sanity Technology's philosophy to dedicated server hosting is to provide top quality hardware backed by world class datacenter facilities to guarantee ongoing reliability for you and your customers.
    Corporate Dedicated Servers Australian Datacenter

    Our Australian based dedicated servers are housed within our datacenter facility in Brisbane, connected via a redundant fiber loop to two external datacenters throughout the city in combination with external internet connectivity via Optus, Verizon, Vocus and Pipe Networks. This ensures exceptional network performance and extremely low latency to Queensland and throughout Australia.

    The Sanity Network is the number one choice for serious dedicated servers. All of our dedicated servers include the following:
    • AMD or Intel CPUs
    • Exceptional Performance
    • Extended vendor warranty and support contracts
    • Remote Console Access options (DRAC)
    • Remote Reboot Facility
    • Real-time Bandwidth Graphs
    • Dual Gigabit NICs
    • Uptime Monitoring
    • 24/7 Emergency Support

    We believe in tailoring all solutions to our customers requirements and customize all systems and pricing accordingly. To discover what Sanity Technology can do for your business please contact us with your hardware and bandwidth requirements via the sales enquiry form below.

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