The new air-condition systems have reached the commissioning phase so we took the final opportunity to take photos of the inner components while the cowling was removed.

In this first photo the indoor units can be seen in between the racks and all the rear doors were removed at the time while every thing was being configured.

The remaining photos are all of the outdoor condenser unit - in the photo below the main components can be seen including the chilled water buffer tank running the length along the bottom, the two redundant compressors in the middle and then all the electrical components along the top.

This view shows the buffer tank more prominently across the bottom, which is the grey coloured cylinder.

A couple close up views of the refrigerant compressors.

The next couple are close up views of the electrical components.

Lastly a photo of some of the guages, there's a number of these that are visible on the outside of the system.

The commissioning process was well underway today and pressure tests will continue overnight. In the morning we expect to bring the entire entire system online and will post another update once complete.